Dear gusts! All parking spaces for private vehicles at +540 m on the “Gorki Gorod” resort are to be paid for.


Free parking space are offered to:


World War 2 veterans;

Persons with disabilities group 1, 2;

Guests, that are aged 75 and over (passport, pension id, technical passport).

Entrance to the hotel parking is done through the pass system. You can acquire a pass at the Reception.


Regulation of parking payment:

Parking space services for the whole duration of your stay at the hotel are being done at the Reception.

Reception worker , upon the payment will issue “parking coupon”, with the duration of stay, and payment receipt.

“Parking coupon” with the payment receipt is placed on the front windshield of the guest’s vehicle, and is considered a pass to the “Gorki Gorod” resort.

In case of your earlier departure, you should contact the Reception for the reimbursement, and fill out the proper form, and submit a “parking coupon”, and payment receipt.

Reimbursement is being done considering calculation of the services that were provided at the parking payment center.


Parking payments are being done at the following spots:

-Window #6 of the “Main cable-railway”;

- Hotel and Apartment Receptions ;

- Box office and parking machine at the exit of “Gorki Gorod” territory.